Just Another Day in Los Angeles by pasadenarose

Just Another Day in Los Angeles

I had the coolest experience Sunday. I got a bit turned around while running errands. Missed a freeway transition and had to exit and get back on the freeway going the other direction.
After that little detour, I happened upon a bit of an odd scene. A car was stopped in the street on the opposite side, flashers on. Then I saw a man on the sidewalk. Hmmm, interesting. When traffic stopped at the red light, I looked back at the man and I saw a large-ish bird on the sidewalk near him.
What kind of bird is that? I was quite a distance away and couldn't make it out. THEN I saw the wee ducklings. Oh my goodness! It's a she-duck and her babies!
There was no oncoming traffic, so I popped a u-turn and stopped at the curb. By then they were on the move. The wife of the man parked their car and we all took off on foot to usher the feathered family and protect them from traffic.
I took off my jacket and held it out to my side so I'd be more visible to drivers, and slowed down traffic as we all walked along toward the Los Angeles River. It was an odd procession.
Mama Duck was frazzled and loosing steam. For some reason she kept veering left toward the other lane.
(Afterward the man said the ducks had been walking for some distance. Apparently Mama laid her eggs a little too far from the river).
But we escorted them to the gates of the river park and down the stone steps. Then another obstacle reared its ugly head....a BIKE path with fast moving bikes!!
Luckily the man was able to get onto the path and alert the bikers in time to avert a nasty collision.
Mama Duck and babes scurried down the concrete embankment and into the water and finally all was right in their world.

If I had a normal sense of direction, I never would have seen any of this. My propensity for getting lost is well known among friends and family. It's never bothered me though....I almost always get where I'm going (even if it's not where I meant to be). ;-)

Anyway, I know this is not a quality shot(s), but I was REALLY happy that I was able to shoot the street scene one-handed with my phone while walking and holding my jacket out to the side with my other hand.
You are my hero! What a fantastic story. I love the collage that illustrates it so well. Apparently there are great benefits to getting lost. It is all about the attitude!
May 30th, 2016  
You are amazing and so are the people that were involved as well. I would do the same thing. I love your collage too and your story about this mom and her babies. A great ending to this story. Thank you for letting me know so I could stop by and see and read your story. This is definitely what life is all about. Glad you stayed safe on the road as there are way too many people who do not care. Take care of you and glad you always find your way to where you are going. You have a wonderful sense of humor. I loved it.
May 31st, 2016  
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