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Still here, still having fun, still learning from all those great 365ers out there!


I think a bit of an update is well overdue! I've recently completed my first year and have found it an amazing experience. With the support of this wonderful community I feel I have learnt a great deal but as I still have so much more to learn I'm going to carry on and see how it goes! I love the fact that I have connected with people from all around the globe who share my interest in taking photos. I also never thought I would get a pic in the weekly Top Twenty with all the amazing photographers on this site but I have actually managed to appear there a few times:


and also the PP although it seems to be more difficult to get there nowadays!


OK after following a friend's progress over the past few months I have finally plucked up the courage to start my own Project 365. I am excited and very nervous but hopefully will learn from all the wonderful photographers out there! I love taking photos but struggle with the technical side of things so hopefully I can improve on that over the coming weeks/months!