Relaxing Walk by pcoulson

Relaxing Walk

A relaxing walk along the canal on another grey day
One of the cool things I’ve learned on 365 is that the UK has canals (I had only seen them when we were in Amsterdam on vacation) with houseboats!
January 8th, 2020  
Beautiful shot and scene, love the smoke.
January 9th, 2020  
Well, a grey day is good for colour, right? A very peaceful setting you've captured here (and apologies in advance for posting a sunny shot from the beach today).
January 9th, 2020  
@louannwarren Yes every day is a schoolday on 365 Lou Ann brief history
The first British canals were built in Roman times as irrigation or land drainage canals or short connecting spurs between navigable rivers, such as the Foss Dyke, Car Dyke and Bourne-Morton Canal; all in Lincolnshire,
There were two concentrated periods of canal building, in Britain from 1759 to the early 1770's and from 1789 to almost the end of the eighteenth century. In the first period, canals were built to serve the heavy industry of the north and midlands.
21st Century restoration projects by volunteer-led groups continue, there is now a substantial network of interconnecting, fully navigable canals across the country. In places, serious plans are in progress by the Environment Agency and British Waterways Board, later the Canal & River Trust, for building new canals to expand the network, link isolated sections, and create new leisure opportunities for navigating "canal rings", for example the Fens Waterways Link and the Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway.
I will be asking questions later, lol:)
January 9th, 2020  
@ludwigsdiana Many thanks for your comment Diana, the boat is typical of those now see on the canal, this one is residential with a wood burning stove hence the smoke, its been moored in this location for almost a year, occupied by a single man and his dog he seems to spend most of his day talking to the walkers going by:)
January 9th, 2020  
@stray_shooter Thank you Ron I'm not BITTER about your lovely weather at all, don't blame you in the least, this is one of my regular peaceful walks with my camera:)
January 9th, 2020  
@pcoulson thank you Peter! Marvelous history lesson. Ah, the Roman’s. (America is so young.)
January 9th, 2020  
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