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2019 (March)
My third run at a 365 Project after a bit of a break brought about by the usual pressures of life. You can find out all about me (if you're that interested) by looking through the blog below and some of the back catalogue.

If you comment or fav or follow - I am truly grateful. I try to keep up with commenting but won't clutter up your inbox with needless "thank you" messages. I will always answer direct questions, whether it's artistic or technical in nature.

2017 (April):
My second 365 Project after a couple of years break. You can find out all about my last project below and, of course, by looking through the "back catalogue".

To those who comment, fav and follow - thank you so much. It all helps keep the motivation level up! I may not thank each contributor individually on every occasion, but if I follow you I will do my best to comment on your own photos as appropriate and as often as possible. I will always answer any direct questions.

For this year my aim is to actually take and post a photo every day. I have another "Extras" album and I will post random shots there - either surplus to the day or some older shots not already featured in my Project (for one reason or another).

Recent photos on Popular Page:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/harrisphelan

Website: www.peterharris.photodeck.com

2012 (February) Hello! Thanks for dropping by. My day job is hospital management but my real passions are music and photography. I play the bassoon and piano, and try to use most of the settings on my DSLR. The reason for doing this 365 thing is to improve my photography, and, looking at many of the images on the site, I certainly need to!

Let me explain the username (peadar); this is Irish gaelic for "Peter", and is pronounced "Pad-er", with the emphasis on the "Pad". And if you're wondering why Irish gaelic, my wife (Miriam) is from Dublin, and so at home I have got used to being called "Pad". It looks strange when written down!

Update November 2012: I'm now almost through the project - only 65 days to go! It's been a real journey and I have really liked participating and all the new friends. I feel like my photography has come on leaps and bounds, too, and I really appreciate all the supportive and friendly feedback.

Update March 2013: I've now finished my first year (phew!). I'm not posting regularly but still dip in from time to time. I try and comment as much as I can on your photos but please forgive me if I am not a regular.

Update July 2014: I am missing the challenge of photography, so am posting a bit more regularly and will try and comment as much as time allows.