Microsoft Frustration

I'm getting ready to uninstall Windows 8.1...then reload all my programs to Windows 8. That was the only solution tech help at Microsoft had to offer for their corrupted 8.1 upgrade that has been a constant source of frustration since the first day I downloaded it. Errrrr....

Three Good Things:
1. hmm...
2. Low blood pressure
3. A rainy day with nothing better to do than make vegetable soup while dealing with computer issues/procedures
What a riot! Those images are priceless (Look at Obama...LOL!) . I was kinda going through the same thing yesterday installing a new printer and it got to be a bit overwhelming. I just stuck with Windows's easy and I'm used to it.
posted March 5th, 2015  
Oh dear Peggy how frustrating for would all be beyond me, hope you have some help there! As long as you don't lose anything changes aren't always good obviously! I think you might need a G&T at the end!
posted March 5th, 2015  
Oh, look - there's my "it's sleeting and snowing again" face. Love the capture! Sorry to hear about all your computers issues. Technology and I have a real love/hate relationship. Hope you get everything back to normal soon!
posted March 5th, 2015  
Oh yuck - what a mess. I went from Windows XP directly to Windows 8 this past summer, and I thought my head would explode. Best wishes for a smooth transition.
posted March 5th, 2015  
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