The Secret Code to Perfect Health

Tom came home from the dry cleaners today with a gift to me from Ms. Grace, the Korean owner. Ms. Grace is one of the most caring and compassionate individuals I have ever met. On the back of Tom's cleaning ticket she wrote out the recipe for *something* that she firmly believes will completely cure my autoimmune disorder. I might have to take a course in cryptography to figure it out...but this could be big. ☺

Three Good Things:
1. Compassionate people
2. Aunt Liz has taken Harper and Will shopping for a new big girl bike for Harper and whatever Will looks interested in...then lunch at Chuck E Cheese. I know they're having fun!
3. Sunshine after a week of rainy days
You need to check that out. I wouldn't have a clue what this means :-) How kind and compassionate she is. I, too, have met so many wonderful caring people lately & feel so blessed. Quite honestly I think the good far out number the bad in this world. Too bad the news doesn't give them more credit.
posted April 18th, 2015  
Isn't this just wonderfully caring but completely bizarre...would really love to know what it all means...hope you are following it to the letter Peggy!
posted April 18th, 2015  
How very interesting - and what a kind woman! Let us know if/when you figure out the meaning!
posted April 19th, 2015  
Love this. I agree with Carole that there are far more Ms. Graces than not-so-good folks and it's nice that you've shared this caring example.
posted April 19th, 2015  
Good luck figuring it out
posted April 20th, 2015  
Let me know if it works please
posted April 21st, 2015  
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