Edisto River

I had a camera full of shots of our three day family canoe/camping trip down the beautiful Edisto River, as well as a couple of shots on my phone. Sadly, both my camera and my phone are somewhere on the bottom of the river along with some lesser important belongings...if you can call vodka mixers and limes 'lesser'...especially after enduring two overturns into the water. The camera was a goner in capsize #1. The phone fell victim to capsize #2. At least Cloud service rescued the phone images. Other than that, the trip was great. Really. :)

Some Good Things:
1. Nephews David, Matt, and Daniel who performed two heroic water rescues to free our overturned canoe from fallen tree branches
2. No snakes or gators were spotted while I was scrambling on top of the canoe in capsize #1 or on top of the tree in capsize #2
3. Delicious campsite cuisine prepared by nephew Daniel
4. Our sleeping bags and tent dried out faster than I expected
5. A hot shower after 'wearing' the river for two days
6. Features of the iPhone 7 include a much better camera...and it's waterproof
Amazing colours in the reflection. I read your story with horror!
posted October 26th, 2017  
What an experience! I think I'd be most thankful for Good Thing #2 !
posted October 28th, 2017  
my goodness what a trip. So glad you could rescue your photos.
posted October 28th, 2017  
Ha ha Peggy, you have been living it up I see! How hilarious to fall in! What fun you all had, many laughs & memories made. Six GT so shows how memorable it was! Good fir you all must have taken a bit of bravery to set off!
posted October 29th, 2017  
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