Cathedral by petaqui


Spanish below:
One of the biggest challenges with mobile cameras are the contrasts of light, very bright areas and very dark areas. Being a very small sensor, it is difficult to properly perform such tasks. On those scenes it is where photographer must shoot in RAW and process it to extract maximum detail from lights and shadows. I could get more details from the shadows, but I prefear to leave a little dark I think it gives a more natural environment a photo, what you really see when you enter. You can see the original photo by clicking here

As a bonus, photo of little girls playing in the street, digital zoom, is what you get using it, you lose quality everywhere but I love the picture.
Uno de los grandes retos con las cámaras móviles son los contrastes de luz, zonas muy luminosas y zonas muy oscuras. Al ser un sensor muy pequeño, es difícil que puedan desempeñar bien tales tareas. En estos momentos es donde hay que tirar en RAW y procesarlo para extraer el máximo de las luces y de las sombras. Se puede sacar más detalles de las sombras, pero dejar un poco de oscuridad creo que le da un ambiente más natural a la foto, a lo que realmente ves al entrar. Podéis ver la foto original clicando aquí

Como bonus, foto de unas niñas jugando en la plaza, zoom digital, es lo que tiene, pierdes calidad por todos lados pero me encanta la estampa.
Does your mobile camera have an hdr mode. That works for me a lot of the time. I think leaving a little dark is often a better choice. I think you captured this well. It’s playful with the children just peaking into the scene.
August 22nd, 2019  
I really like the shot!
August 23rd, 2019  
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