Dried Roses by peterscherub2

Dried Roses

Peter doesn't usually buy me flowers! He figures "she goes shopping, she can buy the flowers"! Well, that's fine by me, because if does come shopping with me, I never end up with the things we need, and I get very frustrated. He, of course, uses this to avoid anything but a quick visit to the shop up the road to buy some eggs, or a bottle of milk - he can cope with that! He then claims to have done me a huge favour! Every now and again though (like about 4 times in the last 15 years), he surprises me, and I get a lovely bunch of flowers - well worth preserving!!

Still trying to use one of my other lensbabies - the Sweet50. This one is not so easy to focus with, but the extreme effects are great when you get them right.
We have some similar, flower-shopping arrangements in our house!
September 20th, 2018  
so delicate !
September 22nd, 2018  
How very romantic. Do you mind if I ask, what lensbabies fo you have, and how do you use each one?
September 23rd, 2018  
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