Grandma's Dishes

I have one place setting of my Grandma's Dishes, and a couple of the accessory pieces. When she passed away, my Grandpa put all of her beautiful dishes in a flimsy box in a shed, and they were all broken, except for this one set. I will treasure them forever.
They are lovely Sheri. So glad these were not damaged.
posted October 1st, 2010  
Oh, how nice for you that you have your grandmother's dishes. That is so special and they are lovely!
posted October 1st, 2010  
The story behind is worth more then money can pay.
Thanks for sharing
posted October 1st, 2010  
i love this.....needs a bit more light but otherwise very lovely.
posted October 1st, 2010  
I'm so glad that one place setting survived for you to treasure. Love the sweet and delicate floral pattern. A beautiful and meaningful photo, Sheri.
posted October 2nd, 2010  
I think because there is not enough contrasting light. If you lit the saucer and cup from the side or above you would get a bigger shadow and that would make the objects stand out more. Without the contrast the objects appear flat.
posted October 2nd, 2010  
Pretty pretty!! :)
posted October 4th, 2010  
this is so prettty
posted November 1st, 2010  
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