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Hi. My name is Sheri, and I am returning to 365 after a LONG break. I started my first 365 project over three years ago, and the experience was so amazing. I try to explain to people what I gained from this community, and I just can't. I have friends that I still hold dear, and two that I will meet for the first time in person this year; one from Australia, Rebecca Doyle @canberrabec, and one from my home state of Minnesota who will be photographing my son's wedding, Amy G. @amers79 from Impressions Wedding Photography. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday with my 365 friend Peggy Sirk @peggysirk in the big city of Charlotte, NC. I have three grown children, and just enough fur babies to keep my house a mess. I look forward to connecting with friends I have missed and making new friends along the way.