T is for Toucan play at this game

not quite the image i wanted to post today, just ran out of time.

These are my favourite salt and pepper shakers, modern pottery based on the Guinness Toucan advertising from the 1930's.

"Toucans in their nests agree,
Guinness is good for you,
Try some today and see,
What one or toucan do."

The original design of the toucan was supposedly created by the author Dorothy L. Sayers (creator of Lord Peter Wimsey detective stories) when she was working as a copywriter, the final stylized Toucan was drawn by John Gilroy.

Well, they're colorful and cute, but, greedy me!, I was hoping they might be somehow engaged in a setting. You've given us so much already, maybe I just don't want the story to come to an end! (Forgive me if I overstepped my bounds...I just love your style so much!)
posted March 14th, 2010  
yes, we've all been "spoiled" by your amazing photos :)) as lovely as this is, doesn't seem enough for us :))
posted March 14th, 2010  
hahah so creative
love it
posted March 14th, 2010  
Not the norm that we have become spoiled with but love it none the less.
posted March 16th, 2010  
one thing i've always loved about salt and pepper shakers is that they come in all sorts of fun shapes.

i love the colors of this pair.

your photos are amazing.
posted March 23rd, 2010  
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