100 Strangers : No. 44 : Margaret by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : No. 44 : Margaret

Well here is another first on my strangers series. A stranger who I have took a photo of before.

This is Margaret who I met at the Nottingham Carnival on Sunday. I actually took a photo of Margaret at last years carnival too. Last year I just asked her for a quick photo and that was that.

This year I was walking along the Embankment before the carnival started and spotted Margaret and her smile.

"Hello, is OK if I take you picture?"

"Yes of course it is"

"Actually, I took your picture last year too"

"Yes I remember you did"

"Do you", I smile and am impressed that Margaret remembered me.

I ask Margaret to move to where the light is slightly better. If you remember from my earlier picture of the Mayor, the canopy of trees over the Embankment road created difficult lighting conditions.

Margaret told me that this was her fourth year at the Carnival.

I asked Margaret if she would like me to email her some pictures. Margaret said that would be nice if I did.

I got some paper out of my camera bag and started looking for my pen.

"I think I have a pen in here somewhere"

"Well I don't have one" laughed Margaret as she pointed to her outfit.

Anyway, Margaret gave me her email address for the photos.

After I had exchanged the email a man was waving at us. Well I thought he was waving at Margaret, but he was actually waving at me. It was Mike, (stranger number 43) asking if I would take his photo.

It was difficult talking to Margaret because we had to shout to be heard over the loud music, whistles and drums :)

I have emailed Margaret 3 pictures from the carnival and she has replied saying she likes them :)

Margaret supports various Carnival and Festival events. I expect her vibrant outfit is popular at all the events she visits.

Thank you for being stranger 44 in my stranger project Margaret.

This picture is number 44 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

100 Strangers Flickr Group page


My own strangers can be seen here:


Wow that is one very happy face Phil! You will be getting to know so many people & I still admire your bravery but I suppose it gets easier asking! Outgoing folk too so that helps!
August 27th, 2016  
@happypat thank you very much pat. yes it is easier to approach somebody for a shot at an event like this. I posted a pic of Margaret last August on my 365 :)
August 27th, 2016  
What a lovely looking lady. Love all the colours, great photos
August 27th, 2016  
Well, she has a smile for you and some rather uncomfortable looking face studs!
August 28th, 2016  
Looks like it is a fabulous carnival, awesome costume, wonderful portrait , perhaps should put the date in my diary for next year :-)
August 28th, 2016  
Another fav for me Phil. Love the capture and that happy smiling face. I don't recall the face but must have seen it then. Even when very busy I enjoy stopping to read your lovely story on each shot. You should put each portrait shot together with the relative story in a book
August 28th, 2016  
Awesome shot
August 28th, 2016  
August 28th, 2016  
She looks very cheerful and happy for you to take her photo.
August 28th, 2016  
Great to get this photo, Phil, you have the right approach :) fav, super photo
August 28th, 2016  
Love this with all the pink filling the frame and also framing that happy face. Fav!!!
August 29th, 2016  
You captured her smile beautifully!
August 29th, 2016  
Far too timid to do this, but love seeing Hazel and your strangers portraits. Beautiful carnival shot, fav.
September 4th, 2016  
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