.... and for my next trick !!!

My Dad used to be a camera buff.

This is one of his old leica lenses, an elmar f = 9cm 1 : 4. The serial number (via google) tells me it id from 1937.

So that's an 81 year old lens.

I've ordered a leica L39 to Sony Nex adapter, which means I will be able to connect this old lens to my Sony Alpha 6000.

I will have to shoot using old school techniques, manual focussing, aperture priority, manual setting of aperture on both camera and lens .

The lens shows it's age, with a few scratches and chips on the outside. Old glass sometimes collects fungus, ,but this glass has no signs of fungus. There might be a bit of haze , other than that I think the glass is in good condition to my untrained eye.

So, an 80+ year lens on my 2017 digital camera !!!

Am I expecting good results? I've seen some sample images from other photographers on flickr and some are pretty good.

What you will get with a old vintage lens is probably a warmth to your photos, Anyway we will see

The adapter should arrive before the weekend !
It'll be interesting to see what you come up with, with this combination. I very much like the shot you've took of it, and it looks well used.
posted February 13th, 2018  
@gamelee cheers lee, i am a not expecting too much but hey who knows :) , it's a portrait lens too so that should be interesting
posted February 13th, 2018  
You will be able to modify any faults that might be in this old lens but just being able to use it will mean a lot!
posted February 13th, 2018  
@maggiemae yes i think you are right maggie, :)
posted February 13th, 2018  
Gosh a real piece of history
posted February 13th, 2018  
Wow. I don't think I"d ever figure all of that out. Hope it shoots well and maintains that connection to you father.
posted February 13th, 2018  
I can tell you like a challenge: no fungus but haze and warmth. Look forward to seeing the results.
posted February 14th, 2018  
Good for you! should be fun and interesting for you to use your dad's old lens. Enjoy!
posted February 14th, 2018  
It'll be fascinating to see how well it works, and also for you to learn about how to set it up fully manually in that way
posted February 14th, 2018  
This is new to me. My brother-in-law had (I don't know if he still does) a set of lenses of an old camera which he wanted to give away for free and I refused them because they could not connect to my Nikon. I will now have to ask him if he still has them and see if I could something like you did. Enjoy your new 'old' lens. Looking forward to see some of the results.
posted February 14th, 2018  
Thats a cool lens. I am looking forward to seeing the results.
posted February 14th, 2018  
I bet it still works a dream. I'll be interested to see the results
posted February 14th, 2018  
Wonderful...should serve you well...
posted February 14th, 2018  
Lovely photo of the lens,, wonderful that you have your dads old lens. Look forward to seeing the photos. It’s so nice that you are able to use it,,
posted February 15th, 2018  
@colinbarber013 @cdonohoue @quietpurplehaze @lynnz @blueace @sangwann @netkonnexion @busylady @ivan @bizziebeeme thanks everyone for your comments and support. Very much appreciated and also thanx for getting this on th PP. I've posted my first pic with the lens if you want to take a peek. Cheers πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
posted February 16th, 2018  
Awesome shot
posted February 18th, 2018  
Ooooh, exciting!
posted February 19th, 2018  
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