Vintage Lens Testing : Industar И-61 lens and me by phil_howcroft

Vintage Lens Testing : Industar И-61 lens and me

I bought a Russian Fed4 camera complete with an Industar 61 lens from a vintage market in Newark on Trent on Monday, for the grand total of 20 GBP

The Fed4 cameras are known as the “Comrades’ Leica” or “Soviet Leica” as they use Leica’s old L39 screw mount and many of the models have designs very reminiscent of early Leica cameras..

I bought the camera for it's lens, the Industar И-61 , mass produced in the Ukraine and a 53mm f2.8 prime . The lens gets excellent reviews and depending on the calibration during the production can come in 50mm, 52 mm, 53mm and 55mm variants

My portrait testing of my vintage lenses , usually occurs at the side of our house as it is in the shade, but if you look towards the front of the house or to the back garden you can guarantee catchlights because the ends of the path are in brighter light. I mount the lens on my Sony A600, set the aperture and ISO, then tell Jane to wiggle the focus ring until the peak focussing makes my eyes shimmer (the shimmering is nothing to do with the radioactive coating on the lens !!!!)

This is shot at f4 and Jane did a decent job following my instructions . maybe just a tad off on the focus, but the lens has worked really well.

I took the lens out on Ruby;s walk and did some street shots and I have to say it is a cracking lens.

My hair is a little long here, it's 4 weeks since my last trim (I go every 5 weeks. I'm wearing a primari shirt (that's primark to me and you) that I bought on Sunday (so this was it;s first outing)

Edited in Rawtherapee and GIMP. I think the lens is a keeper, more pics to follow
I always love your explanations, so clear and interesting. You and your wife make a great team!
April 20th, 2019  
Beautifully sharp shot right down to the catchlights in your eyes!
April 20th, 2019  
that is dedication great shot!
April 20th, 2019  
Your hair makes you look like a young boy and I like it. This is apart from your radiant smile. Great shot. I wonder how you don't get confused with all the lenses you have.
April 20th, 2019  
Super portrait, great smile, Phil...fav
April 20th, 2019  
The hair looks great - that longer, textured look suits you.
Lovely, happy portrait, great in b&w. A successful collaboration mefinks. :)
Dare I ask how many lenses you have at the moment? ;)
April 20th, 2019  
Jane is a very patient woman that’s all can say Phil! I can imagine the strict instructions you gave her & she did so well! You have quite a collection of cameras now! A zip on a shirt, Primark is very trendy!
April 20th, 2019  
@dulciknit Alison, thanks for the lovely comment , I haven't done a stock check. I think I have over 20 vintage lenses , then I have about 7 none vintage for my Sony and Canon. I have to add that I haven;t paid more than £20 for a vintage lens (the cheapest was £7-50) . It is a bit sad really !
April 21st, 2019  
@happypat very patient Pat :)

@ivan cheers ivan :)

@sangwann Confused , LOL , no Dione :)

@brigette thank yoou very much brigette

@fbailey thanks felicity, that;s a lovely comment :)

@allie912 Allison , thanks for your lovely words and observations :)
April 21st, 2019  
I think it's red ( or maybe purple)!
April 22nd, 2019  
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