Vintage Lens Testing : Industar И-61 lens and Andy by phil_howcroft

Vintage Lens Testing : Industar И-61 lens and Andy

This is Andy, he works for Cancer Research UK . I've bought a few vintage lenses from him from the Cancer Research shop in Arnold, Nottingham

He sold me a Helios 44M, Pentacon 50mm and a Pentax zoom.

Andy works in several shops and among his many tasks he values the Camera equipment donated to the shops.

I was passing the shop last week with my Industar И-61 53mm attached to my Sony A6000. I nipped in the shop to show my latest purchase to Andy (I bought the И-61 from a vintage market). I often nip into the shop for a chat with Andy if I see him in the shop.

I took some pics of Andy and this is one that I think shows the versatility of the forty something year old lens.

Shot under shop lighting , the lens has still produced a decent picture.

ISO 640 and I think about f4 / f5.6 (I really must start writing down the aperture settings when using my vintage lenses
Lovely sharp focus on Andy and beautiful soft background Phil - I would be tempted to get another vintage lens if I had any idea what I was buyiing!
April 26th, 2019  
Your aperture here is F1.0, Phil! A good camera! I must start using the ISO for better pictures!
April 26th, 2019  
Lovely shot - - he looks a character !
April 26th, 2019  
Lovely capture. Looks like the lens can still take great pictures. What did he say?
April 26th, 2019  
Good for Andy....a man to be friends with!
April 26th, 2019  
You got the aperture spot on, whatever its number! Another great portrait! Fav
April 26th, 2019  
Interesting bloke and a great shot.
April 27th, 2019  
Nice, he's super...fav
April 28th, 2019  
I know nothing about lenses. sadly, but would certainly be happy with the clarity and detail in this shot.
April 29th, 2019  
The dof works well - just enough detail in the background and Andy's nice and sharp. He also looks wryly amused, love his expression.
Looks like he's thinking 'Oh, it's Phil. I can probably sell a few more lenses today, then' ;-)
May 9th, 2019  
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