Peter (vintage Jupiter 135mm f4 lens) by phil_howcroft

Peter (vintage Jupiter 135mm f4 lens)

This is Peter. He's not part of my 100 strangers project as I know him through Arnold Camera Club.

He's also a member of Arnold Arts Society who were holding an exhibition in the local community centre.

We decided to incorporate a visiit to the exhibition as part of our Ruby walk, I went in and Jane waited outside with Ruby and then Jane went in and I waited outside with Ruby.

Whe I saw Peter I tasked him for a portrait as I was testing a new lens. A Jupiter 11A 135mm f4 prime lens. We had a little chat about the lens and camera and then I guided him through various poses. This shot was captured as Jane came out of the centre to see Peter's wife Kath holding Ruby, much to everyone;s amusement !
Just in case you didn't see my two previous images with this lens, the Jupiter 11A is a Russian prime lens built in the KOMZ , Kazan Optical Mechanical Factory, 435 miles due East of Moscow, The lens is a copy of a Carl Zeiss "sonnar" design. Some people argue it is as good as the said Carl Zeiss . The serial number markings on the lens (first tow digits), indicate it is from 1972

I am sure you will agree this vintage lens did a good job.
What am jolly fellow , you have captured his personality so well .
May 26th, 2019  
As good as any other portrait lens!
May 26th, 2019  
made me smile :)
May 26th, 2019  
Sure did, Phil. I like the smile on the face of this handsome gentleman. As for the lens, you amaze me how you keep record of all the lenses you have.
May 26th, 2019  
Excellent portrait, and yes, the lens (and the photographer) did a good job. Fav
May 26th, 2019  
Super chap and photo, Phil...fav
May 26th, 2019  
What a jolly chap...I love his smile! Your lenses are a great find & its good to see how well they work!
May 26th, 2019  
Big beaming smile!
May 26th, 2019  
Great lens, great smile. I love it when a portrait is so full of natural life
May 28th, 2019  
Phil, I read your comment to me and now cannot find it so am answering you here. Hope you had a good holiday. I went looking for you on Flickr! Now, which of us will have ‘I loved my A6000’ as our epitaph??!! I bought an extra A6000 body to save changing lenses so much. Traded in my little Sony and got quite a good deal.
June 2nd, 2019  
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