Family by phil_howcroft


When I retired on Tuesday , I came home to find that my wife and daughters had arranged a surprise BBQ for me.

It was a good opportunity to get a family photo.
From top to bottom.
Claire , our daughter
Matt, Claire;s husband
Kirsty, our daughter
Matt, Kirsty;s husband (yes both daughters married a Matt)
Ruby , I think you all know Ruby :)

Location, our garden

It was a lovely evening , my Mum came too.

What a delightful surprise and a super family picture too ❤️
July 26th, 2019  
wonderfully composed and captured
July 26th, 2019  
Nice family portrait.. So I guess Matt is your favourite So -in-law then.. congrats on your retirement..
July 26th, 2019  
Happy Retirement!! What a lovely surprise, it sounds like a wonderful evening.
July 26th, 2019  
Superb surprise and a beautifully composed and captured photo for the family album on your retirement - Congrats . Phil :)
July 26th, 2019  
Love the vertical composition and the steps, really striking. Have a fab retirement till your second career kicks in!
July 26th, 2019  
Lovely family gathering, Phil. Retirement is the best time of your life so enjoy it as much as you can. I will be sending you on Messenger two photos that might be of interest to you so check Messenger every now and then.
July 26th, 2019  
Happy retirement! Love this shot of your girls and their men!
July 28th, 2019  
Happy retirement look way too young to retire! Perhaps a part time job when you’ve had a rest! Lovely surprise for you.... the weather would have been great fir a bbq!
July 28th, 2019  
Phil you've retired! Congratulations man. May I wish you all the best. you can now concentrate on the photography.
July 29th, 2019  
Happy retirement! Lovely family portrait!
July 29th, 2019  
All the best in your retirement. Fav family shot (esp the beautiful offence to the other beautiful people)!
July 29th, 2019  
Lovely family and clearly you have a beautiful garden too. Many congratulations on your retirement.
July 31st, 2019  
Happy retirement, youngster! You'll soon be wondering how you found time to go to work. :-D
Lovely photo of your girls and their Matts. ;-) The way you've lined them up conveys such a happy, loving feeling.
August 16th, 2019  
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