Ruby Blags her way into a Wedding Shoot (Industar 50-2 vintage lens) by phil_howcroft

Ruby Blags her way into a Wedding Shoot (Industar 50-2 vintage lens)

I went to the duck park again to day to do some test shots on my Industar 50-2 f3.5 vintage pancake lens.

I did a photoshoot with Ruby on the local skate board park (Ruby is my whippet dog for anyone who doesn't follow me). As we made our way towards the civic centre I noticed a bride having her photo shot by the wedding photographer.. As we walked by I stopped and wished her good luck.

She gestured towards the photographer that she would like a shot with Ruby !!! The bride didn't speak any English. I offered her Ruby's lead and the photographer and I rattled a few shots off.

This is the resulting photo. Ruby even raised her ears for the photoshoot.

Fabulous !

Oh and the pancake 50mm lens did a good job !
Wonderful experience, pic!! fav
October 17th, 2019  
What a beautiful dress and its good that you are a great photographer as you got this one so well!
October 18th, 2019  
love it -
October 18th, 2019  
A fun shot!
October 18th, 2019  
You always manage to find the most amazing photo opportunities, Phil. And you have a great lens there. Fabulous shot.
October 18th, 2019  
Super - You must have been proud of Ruby ! - love it !
October 18th, 2019  
Such a fun shot! Fav
October 18th, 2019  
How lovely to see the dog in a wedding photo Fav
October 18th, 2019  
Beautiful bride
October 18th, 2019  
So cool! What fun with the bride wanting her picture with Ruby!
October 19th, 2019  
Ruby must have learned a trick or two from you!
October 25th, 2019  
@lostphojo ha ha , she has a way with getting attention from people on the street :)

October 25th, 2019  
what an unusual thing to happen. You certainly have a way of connecting with people.
October 26th, 2019  
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