Phil's Artwork by phil_howcroft

Phil's Artwork

We decorated our bedroom in January 2019 (a year ago) .My wife said she wanted a black and white print on the wall, maybe a seascape, as it would match the decor.

So I looked in my back catalogue and couldn't really find anything,

The weeks turned into months and my wife wasn't impressed by the blank wall !

When we went to Mallorca at the end of May, I took some nice beachscapes and arty sand pictures.

My wife liked them and said I will leave it up to you as you are the "Photographer"

Well the weeks passed and the wall remained blank ! She threatened to buy a print from a shop. "No" I told her , leave it to me !!!

I bought a nice frame in the summer from Ikea and left the frame in the spare bedroom for several weeks.

It got to about October time and I decided I better do it ! I uploaded the file to the online print shop (Tesco, only for the website to crash !!!)

I forgot about it for another few weeks until Christmas was here !

It got to January and my wife was still not impressed.

Anyway, I eventually uploaded the file to photobox (deciding Tesco were too expensive) and today the print arrived.

It's my footsteps in the sand in Mallorca, with the Med Sea about to wipe them out !

It looks really good and my wife is impressed, as it is a bit of Art we can connect with.

She wasn't impressed with the twelve month wait though !

There's a bit of window light reflected on the glass frame.

Oh and I thought I would share my new glasses with you. I need them for distance (driving, watching TV, etc.). I have another pair for reading ! They are quite retro and trendy ! I went into the opticians yesterday to replace my glasses case (a detour on my Ruby dog walking) and the lady in the opticians said "I hope i see you out and about more with your glasses" .. i think she was hinting I should wear them more !

I hope you like the Art, my glasses and my quite trendy jumper !
Nice choice. Well done Phil
January 10th, 2020  
Yes. I like all of those things, but also your story. My son is waiting similarly for some artwork for his flat. It has been more than 12 months. He is not impressed.
January 11th, 2020  
I like it a lot, but a year is when I’d be already burying the wall with my own pictures.
January 11th, 2020  
And a great story! It’s looks great and it’s always lovely to have your own photography on the wall, especially when it has a little back story!
January 11th, 2020  
A beautiful print! And great glasses. I see the eye doctor next week and I think new glasses are in my future!
January 11th, 2020  
Fav. Fantastic selfie shot. I like the sc and your story. You are lucky your wife waited for so long to have the picture framed and hanging. My wife always says: "Right now. Leave whatever you are doing and do this, haha". By the way was the picture taken when you lost your flip flops?
January 11th, 2020  
Looking good! Both you in your glasses and your print!
January 11th, 2020  
Ha ha, great story and three cool things!!
January 11th, 2020  
What could be nicer...your own print on the wall & a reminder of warm summer days!
January 11th, 2020  
Well done Phil, for finally getting your art on the wall. I often say I must print more of my photos for the memories.
January 12th, 2020  
love the story - the print - your trendy glasses and jumper - and the selfie :)
January 14th, 2020  
A good choice to decorate your bedroom ! And that’s cool to see you besides your photo !
January 19th, 2020  
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