Pegs and Droplets by phil_howcroft

Pegs and Droplets

I haven't posted for a week , I am struggling for content. We are in Lockdown, we must stay local and stay inside , We can only go out to exercise or for essential shopping or medicines or go to work if you cannot work from home !

Oh and the weather has been dull and damp and the garden looking like a garden does in the middle of winter.

So, what do I photograph? Two pegs on our washing line and then post process it to mono.

Sony A7, with Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 Di III RXD, edited in GIMP and GMIC
have to get creative in times like these. nice contrast. fancy clothespins!
January 18th, 2021  
Totally understand. Feel the same way, hence posting “pre-loved” photos for January, though it was a fun diversion for my birthday last week. Had to create some fun for that because it is all so grey and flat light and it feels so tedious now in this lockdown, doesn’t it? At least by the end of January the days will get lighter. Hope in there somewhere. Sending love your way from my corner of Essex.
January 18th, 2021  
@casablanca thanks Casa, my whinge was about lack of photography opportunities. We are where we are with the pandemic, it is frustrating but things will change eventually and when i went to the bins at nearly 5 o'clock it was still light !!!

@jackies365 thanks Jackie, the pegs were from a "bargain supermarket " ...Lidl , you may have a few stores in the USA
January 18th, 2021  
Well it takes all sorts. But I totally agree, I was devoid of anything to photograph today so I posted o e from yesterday when the weather was better. More rain on the way. Nice processing Phil
January 18th, 2021  
A lovely shot! I like the black and white. Maybe soon - we can only hope.
January 18th, 2021  
I understand the situation completely and am struggling too. The two pegs shot worked out well. Keep looking, and stay in practice.
January 18th, 2021  
Nicely done !
What about macro photography in the house Phil ? ;)
January 19th, 2021  
@cocobella yes i can do that corinne good shout. I don't have a very abstract / macro eye , i struggle with the genre
January 19th, 2021  
@phil_howcroft I said this because that is just what I’ve done today , I’ve done my local walk with my hands in my pockets (too cold, so no photo from the outside )
Then took my macro lense to try some shots on a bunch of flowers ;)
Good luck Phil, we will have better days soon I wish ;)
January 19th, 2021  
Totally understand ..I feel the same as to the lack of photo opportunities and praying and hoping that there will be light at the end of the tunnel anon.
January 19th, 2021  
January 19th, 2021  
Always remember there is more to meet the eye in the closest vicinity even if you think there isn't! I have to admire a country that takes its lockdown seriously--I live in a state in a country that would never follow any sane rules, and it's maddening. Keep at it! If you have a tripod, you can start setting up some still lives! :)
January 19th, 2021  
I took pegs the other day and I love a peg shot! Your mono is great.
January 19th, 2021  
It must be hard for you Phil as I know you like your outdoor photography. Maybe you could try playing around with some different techniques that you can do at home like water crowns/drops, diffraction, still life, etc.?
January 19th, 2021  
Great catch. Lovely water drops along the line. I always go out in the morning but I keep away from people like a scared dog. Stay safe my friend, we will soon be able to enjoy life (hopefully).
January 19th, 2021  
I always look at our washing line and imagine it would look good in mono in the rain. I was right! This is lovey and works as a great composition
January 19th, 2021  
Oh dear Phil, you sound a bit down....not like you! The same old walks don’t inspire much inspiration these days I know but lots are looking back on their past captures...perhaps you might do the same. Not much washing on the lines just now, I haven’t seen washing on a line for weeks. They might not put washing out down this road perhaps! 😳
January 19th, 2021  
@happypat Hi Pat, more frustrated that I cannot do much photography at the moment ..I need to find some new genres to photograph

@lucycameron thanks lucy, i look forward to seeing your washing line and pegs appearing here soon :)

@sangwann cheers dione, always great to hear from you .

@nickspicsnz thanks Nick, some good ideas there :)

@darylo thanks Daryl , perhaps your country will have a big change is the way they manage Covid now you have a new president. Our government has made some serious mistakes in managing the pandemic... not that there is a rule book on what they should do !

@moviegal1 thanks Kerri

@beryl thanks beryl , it is going to ba a long tunnel :)

@helenhall thanks helen , i am pleased you like the two pegs

@marlboromaam cheers maggie , your visits are much appreciated

@busylady thanks judith, I have a still life to post today
January 19th, 2021  
This works well with the drops!
January 20th, 2021  
Good for you! What pretty pegs and the necklace of drops on the line is lovely. And it's a b&w; what more could anyone want? :-)
January 24th, 2021  
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