100 Strangers : Round 3 : No. 251 : Colin by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 3 : No. 251 : Colin

My first stranger of 2021 and my first stranger during the current lockdown. My wife says I shouldn’t be engaging with strangers on the street during lockdown, but the opportunity arose unexpectedly, so I shot this at quite a distance maintaining my social distance.

Anyway, the snow from the weekend had stopped, but we still had some snow and with blue sunny skies there was going to be a few local pretty winter wonderland pictures to take as I walked Ruby for her lunchtime walk.

I’d took some photos on St. Mary’s Rec’ (Recreation ground) and as I walked towards the car park I saw a man wearing a suit and long “crombie style” jacket. I thought it was unusual and perhaps he was an undertaker going to the church. I watched him walk into the church grounds, but then thought he cannot be an undertaker as he had a “pork pie” hat on.

Anyway I took some photos of the church and started to walk away. I then saw the man walking down the church path, so I decided to approach him….

“Hi, you alright, you are dressed very stylish, how would you describe your style”

“Thanks, I don’t know really”

“Ahhh right, were you into two tone music / ska, your fashion indicates that?”

“You are not the first person to ask me that”

“Really, I am not surprised, it’s the pork pie hat, that’s a signature fashion item for the movement. So what are you doing here?” (that was a bit forward of me, perhaps too nosey, but a valid question to ask)

“Actually I am making a nostalgic trip back in time, I was married here in 1976”

“Good Memories?”

“Yes very good”

“That’s good then, actually can I ask you a favour….” (I already had my camera out from the photos I’d took of the church)….. “I am an Amateur Photographer and take photos of people I meet on the street...Is it OK to take your photo? It will be a really good photo”

“Hey that’s not a bad idea”

“OK just move back a bit and stand at the end of the path”

I take a few pictures in both portrait and landscape mode.

“Actually can you move a bit further back as you have some shadows on your face”

I take a few more photos

“What’s your name”


“Hi Colin, I’m Phil”

“Would you like some copies of the photos?”

“How will you do that”

“Are you on email?” I point to Colin’s mobile phone in his top pocket. I give Colin a copy of my contact card. “If you send an email to my email address on the card I can send you some”

“Will that work, can you do that?”

“Yes it will work well”

“Thanks, Phil, that’s good of you”

That’s it photoshoot over.

“Come on Ruby, let’s go home for your dinner”, she looks at me and starts barking for the toy bone, she likes to carry it home when she passes the “Coal Merchants Yard”.

I told me wife, I’d shot a stranger, she told me I shouldn’t have done it.

“But I maintained social distance ! The shot just fell in my lap”

If you look at my previous shot of St. Mary’s in the snow, you will see some steps. I stood at the bottom of the steps and Colin stood a couple of metres back from them back from the gates.

Sony A7, with Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 Di III RXD, edited in ART and GIMP
What an awesome shot and character you picked to shoot! LOL! You're the best.
January 26th, 2021  
A great image and story.
January 27th, 2021  
An interesting character!
January 27th, 2021  
Interesting conversation
January 27th, 2021  
I always enjoy reading your conversations with your strangers. This is a super portrait, I hope he liked it. He's very stylish and it's most engaging.
January 27th, 2021  
A super shot of this larger than life character ! A great portrait and story ! fav
January 27th, 2021  
Well it’s a very splendid photo and I think you exceed viral transmission distance!
January 27th, 2021  
Such a nice story Phil! I haven't taken any portraits since last summer, just to avoid talking to people on the street. But you are right if there is enough distance there is no danger. Fav
January 27th, 2021  
One of your best lately. And Colin is a wonderful subject to work on. I'm sure he will be clapping his hands when he sees this. Fav.
January 27th, 2021  
Great photo of an interesting and interestigly attired character. I'm sure Colin will be very pleased by the quality of his portrait.
Thank you for your kind and supportive comments on my work Phil. I too appreciate our virtual friendship. Lester and I are very interested in visiting the industrial museums of the north country; if we're very lucky we may be able to meet you one day. Fingers crossed.
January 27th, 2021  
Yes, he is interesting. A well proportioned environmental portrait.
January 27th, 2021  
This is a very good shot Phil. Love is hat.
January 27th, 2021  
It's a brilliant shot Phil, he looks very distinguished and very happy to be one of your strangers. When you told your wife you had shot a stranger did she ask what you did with gun?
January 27th, 2021  
@busylady ha ha judith , good point !

@gamelee cracking hat indeed lee

@netkonnexion thank you , too good an opportunity to pass on

@dulciknit thanks alison, that is very kind of you :) I didn't realise I lived in the "north country"

@sangwann thakns dione, i've emailed the photos, but not yet heard back from colin

@caterina caterina, I am very careful and the vast majority of my strangers are shot outside.

@judithg thanks judith , exceeding the limit is a good comment especially with your professional background :)

@beryl thanks beryl , i am pleased with this shot

@casablanca thanks Casa' a mist unexpected shoot and I was impressed with the results I got.

@777margo thanks margo

@darylo he was indeed daryl

@dide thank you dianne , much appreciated

@marlboromaam thanks maggie that's an really nice comment and vote of confidence
January 28th, 2021  
Fav, well done!
January 29th, 2021  
@phil_howcroft Well, you know what they say about us southerners and the Watford Gap. ;-D
January 29th, 2021  
Great photo and a great story to go with it.
February 4th, 2021  
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