100 Strangers : Round 4 : No. 352 : Alex (Industar N61 Vintage Lens) by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 4 : No. 352 : Alex (Industar N61 Vintage Lens)

I was at the Duck Park this afternoon with Elsie my whippet. As we walked out of the sensory garden I could hear the sound of a skateboard.

“We will make our way up to the skatepark” I told Elsie.

However, we didn’t get as far as the skatepark as the skateboarder was using a ramp in the upper car park to do his skate board tricks.

This is Alex.

Alex was filming himself using his mobile phone on a mini tripod.

It was a good opportunity to strike up a conversation. Alex has been skateboarding for 15 years , he works for HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) in Nottingham and the flexible hours working arrangements allows him to practice his skateboard skills.

I had my camera over my shoulder so Alex asked me what I did with it. I told him I was an Amateur photographer and my favourite genre was photographing strangers on the streets.

“I was eyeing you up as a possible stranger for my project”

“Yes go ahead, where do you want to photograph me?”

I directed Alex to some shade near the ramps.

“This is a vintage lens an old Russian lens from 1991, it takes good photos”

I am not too sure if my strangers are impressed with my vintage lenses, they are always a good subject for conversation.

I also shot the same image with my Sony RX100VII camera, for comparison (same ISO and f-stop) between old school lens and modern camera. The action shots I did of Alex were done with my SonyRX100VII

I had to do all my shots while keeping an eye on Elsie, she’s still a puppy and was trying to eat leaves , sticks and bits of trees from the park that were littered on the floor. I had to manipulate them out of her mouth on more than one occasion !

Anyway, I hope you like the photos. I will post them onto Instagram and tag Alex in them so he can see them.
I suppose skate boarding must be warm work, judging by the short sleeves! They are fun to watch & of course having a camera handy, we would never pass up a photo opportunity.
February 7th, 2023  
A great portrait!
I'm always wondering how you fit your vintage lenses on your modern camera? Are you using an adapter?
It would be great to see your pic with your vintage lens compared to your modern lens.
You made me laugh with your story about Elsie eating leaves. I can easily imagine. Our pup Chief used to eat gravel and other not so refined things...
February 7th, 2023  
@corinnec hi corinne , yes via an adapter , it's difficult managing a dog and taking photos !!!
February 7th, 2023  
That’s great. I love reading your encounter stories.
February 7th, 2023  
Great shot of this great strapping lad and his skateboard!
February 7th, 2023  
A wonderful capture of Alex and his skateboard! As always, a very nice narrative too. =)
February 7th, 2023  
What a nice portrait! He looks very friendly.
February 8th, 2023  
Nice portrait and narrative
February 8th, 2023  
Another great portrait
February 8th, 2023  
Love your narrative as much as your photos.
February 8th, 2023  
Nicely posed.
February 8th, 2023  
Nice looking chap. Maybe he could help me with my self assessment return!! :-)
February 8th, 2023  
Great narrative. Where’s the action shot?? 😀😀😀
February 8th, 2023  
Lovely capture. I enjoy reading your story on each picture you post. And as I always say you have a flair the way you convince strangers to sit for you.
February 8th, 2023  
Nice shot he looks very happy to be photographed
February 8th, 2023  
Great shot and story Phil. I imagine it's a good way to relax
February 8th, 2023  
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