The Rut (Take One)

Carole and I were stood with a young lad who had been at the park since sunrise (he'd taken some wonderful photographs with his 400mm lens); we were watching the Alpha Male (and the idiot photogapher who was getting too close and spooking him) and chatting about photography in general.

The Alpha Male had taken the herd of girls over the ridge when the young lad, a good 6" taller than me, exclaimed "look, they're rutting" and we could, just, see the tops of the bodies of the two stags on the skyline.

This was taken with myself, Carole and the lad having climbed on the wooden fence that surrounded a tree (precarious place to be given the wood of the fence looked rather rotten) shooting through the leaves and branches of the tree.

You can see the power of the clash with the grass & turf flying off the Stag on the left's antlers. Priviliedged to have witnessed this event
Incredible shot! Glad you could capture the scene and the fence didn’t let you down!
posted October 21st, 2018  
Great to see some action. Well caught. Sounds like you had a great time. I have to admit - there's always (fortunately often only one) an idiot around somewhere with no idea - or respect for others or the animals.
posted October 21st, 2018  
Worth the climb!
posted October 21st, 2018  
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