My Garden September 2018 by phil_sandford

My Garden September 2018

Continuing on from @photobird another shot of my back garden, one month (and a bit) on from the last one.

Lovely Autumnal day here in the Shire, with a cold spell forecast to come in from the North tomorrow breaking a two week speall of, again, unseasonably warm weather for the UK.

The lawn is still recovering from the hot summer, hopefully it will come back, if not, there's a small fortune in seed required. The colour is drifting into Autumn; Seedums are flowering and there are a few Dahlias still in colour, some haven't even bothered flowering this year (due to the drought, they've been suffering all over the UK). Carole and I believe that we woke this morning to a frost, so I'm expecting them all to go over pretty soon.

The fence you can see in the background is scheduled so the Dahlias, and more sadly, the Honeysuckle, you can see to the right of the garden swing will need to be removed before the fencers come in a fortnight's time (it would have been gone already, but yours truly decided to cut through the cable of the hedge trimmer on Friday afternoon, thus killing power to the house (and thankfully not killing me) so it'll have to wait until next weekend).

Thank you for your continued interest in my garden/yard

All of the previous photographs are tagged philsgarden and if you wish to see it change through the months (obviously only if you feel that way inclined and have nothing better to do) then click on that tag.
Lots going on Phil as we put the garden to bed ! fortunate you are still here to tell the tale after deciding enough hedge trimming for the day by cutting the cable - bad move Phil !!
September 30th, 2018  
@beryl Absolutely; sheerstupidty and carelessness on my part. Thankfully the RCD did what it was supposed to do and killed the power in the house to all sockets.
September 30th, 2018  
The lawn is slowly returning isn't it. Glad you weren't injured by cutting through the hedge trimmer cable.
September 30th, 2018  
Will the honeysuckle come back if you cut it to the ground? Or must you take it up completely. I'm so glad you suffered no damage yourself to cutting the cable.
September 30th, 2018  
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