The New Normal  by phil_sandford

The New Normal

I had to go to the South West on Sunday evening to my Client site as my Site Pass needed renewing (I need it current to get into a local site to patch my laptop periodically).

The whole experience of being in the site was just so surreal.

The social distancing measures are quite amazing; on my office floorplate, that in February catered for between 75-100 personnel, there were 3 other people on the floor plate with me. They have removed some 60% of the workstations and desks to enforce social distancing, so it'l never get back to the occupancy it was. Given that the building is made up of 7 spurs, of three floors, (so 21 versions of my floorplate) that have all had the same measures imposed on them, that's a huge reduction in capacity in that one building. The kitchen area was being removed. One way up and one way down the lifts and stairs, doors only one way in, and other doors one way out. The canteen has far far few tables and just the one chair at each.

Sadly, the site is a camera and mobile free zone, so this photo was taken later in the day at a local, Lincoln, Chinese takeway where I picked up my dinner.

As my title states, sadly, this is the new normal

Thanks for your recent interaction with my efforts; always appreciated
I feel the new normal will be with us for some time to come unfortunately.
August 11th, 2020  
All over the world.
August 11th, 2020  
and we need those signs .....otherwise....
August 11th, 2020  
Yes it certainly is
August 11th, 2020  
That is really interesting to read all the steps they have taken. People sure don't seem to be able to do it on their own - has to be done for them. As others have said, may be a while!
August 11th, 2020  
I don’t like the new norm particularly, especially not being to do something or go somewhere without booking!
August 12th, 2020  
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