The twirly one by phmlq

The twirly one

Once again I haven't been online for a while, but this time I'm not going to upload all the photos at once. I'm going to publish about two or three at a time. Mostly because the absolute majority of them is a pure crap and I don't want anyone's stream to look too crappy because of my pictures. And also partly because it's much easier to publish a couple of extra pictures an evening then to upload ten of them. But mainly because of the crap thing.

So, now a couple of words about the picture itself. This is a river floating near to my grandma's country house. It's called "V'yun" in Russian (which could be translated as a "curly one" or a "twirly one").

I remember swimming in there as a very little boy. Then I walked around its' banks countless times. But I never knew why it got this name. And it's actually hard to understand when you're looking at the river from the ground. It doesn't look very twirly from there. But everything becomes perfectly clear once you see it from above.
thanks for not doing a spammy upload, it's much easier for us to appreciate your images if you catch up a bit slowly :) Did you us a drone to get this - it's a marvellous image!
May 11th, 2019  
FAB drone shot. My husband would be envious of this one
May 11th, 2019  
amazing drone shot
May 13th, 2019  
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