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This has become my visual diary, as I get older I shall use this as a reminder of the fun days I have had with my camera

I thought this project would encourage me to take more pictures and improve my photography!! I am shall try to be true and post a picture taken on that day.
I am now into the 3rd month of this project and loving its challenges and renewed interest in my camera and discovering new things it can do.
I love walking in the beautiful countryside and beside the sea. I love baking, bread making, painting, sewing, crochet, you get the gist - anything creative! our motor home, involvement with local church and the Samaritans.
It is lovely to receive your compliments, thank you, and I also appreciate constructive criticism.

Wow 9 months into this project and loving the community on here as well as seeing an improvement with some of my shots.

Wow a year has passed, where does time go? loving the community on here and the help and fun comments. I shall carry on as it has changed my thoughts on photography and I ALWAYS carry a camera now, the pocket feels empty without it.