Lots of babies along our coastline right now. These adorable little Western Gull chicks were only a few feet away, and mama was completely unconcerned. The five Perigrine Falcons nesting nearby pose a much greater threat!

Their colouring is most interesting. I guess it helps them blend into their surroundings. I can imagine that the peregrines pose a bigger problem to capture pics of their youngsters since they nest in trees.
posted June 12th, 2016  
@salza I actually a few less than stellar pictures of the Perigrines of whom three have recently fledged. They can be seen (and heard!) begging for food and practicing their acrobatic flights. What a sight!
posted June 12th, 2016  
Beautiful! These little ones are so cute.
posted June 12th, 2016  
How sweet!!!! I was there this morning looks like they have all hatched now. Mama was feeding them a squid
posted June 13th, 2016  
Sweet indeed!
posted June 13th, 2016  
Beautiful shot!
posted June 13th, 2016  
What a capture! Could anything be more adorable?
posted June 14th, 2016  
Fav. Gorgeous mother and kids photo. many species are differently coloured at birth and change as they grow.
posted June 16th, 2016  
Adorable capture there H.
posted June 18th, 2016  
Wow. Spectacular shot! Hi Heather! :)
posted July 15th, 2016  
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