Embrace Your Mistakes

I cycled across the Anzac Bridge yesterday and in a rush and excitement that I'm actually on the bridge, I took out my phone camera and just pressed the button.

After I took the shot, I realised that everything was blurry, I was about to delete this shot, but thought better of it.

I realised that not all shots should be amazing. I also realised that even though this photo was blurry, it's actually a good photo.

I liked the bokeh effect. I like that you can still see the Anzac Bridge. I like that this mistake is a good one. Lol.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE a great blurry shot - this is perfect :)!
posted October 29th, 2017  
posted October 30th, 2017  
@positive_energy Hi Charisma. I am your partner for get-pushed-275. I have enjoyed looking through your photos and see that you like biking. So for a challenge how about getting a shot of a bike and rider that shows the viewer that it is travelling at speed. Cheers. Jim
posted October 31st, 2017  
@jnr hey I will try. I'm Time pressed at the moment before my big ride this coming Sunday. Are you referring to a Pano shot? As I feel that I may have already depicted your challenge from one of my other pics - "Leading Lines".

Give me more context on what it is you want me to achieve. Thanks!!
posted October 31st, 2017  
Charisma, I was thinking along the lines of panning where the background is blurry and the foreground is sharp.
posted October 31st, 2017  
@jnr I will try my best to do a panning shot.

My challenge to you is "City Scape"
posted November 1st, 2017  
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