Skiing by primitiveprobe


I've had three strict principles for cross country skiing
- Good weather
- Perfect snow conditions
- Backpack with coffee and lunch

I broke two of them today. It was both snowing and windy, so bad weather. Because of the weather I wasn't looking forward to sit down for coffee so I skipped it! Snow conditions was great though :-D
Skiing's always seemed a bit mad to me - but skiing without coffee must be outright madness. ;)
Probably a stupid question but do you follow trails (are you following a snowed-over path) or do you just go where you want?
January 27th, 2019  
sounds exciting with the bad weather
January 27th, 2019  
nice lace to ski...I wanted to go out today but with my hand as it is I shall have to wait! Have you been watching the skiing from Ulricehamn?
January 27th, 2019  
@humphreyhippo There are ski tracks prepared with track groomers, varying from snowmobiles pulling a sledge to larger machines, depending on the size of the path
January 27th, 2019  
@huvesaker I did watch a few events
January 27th, 2019  
@primitiveprobe Pretty sure I'd still get lost. ;)
January 28th, 2019  
@humphreyhippo there are signs too ;)
January 29th, 2019  
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