Red Dragonfly

There are so many things I wish I could tell you.
The books I've read, & even this dark life I've led
But you aren't here.
How long has it been? 4 years?

I'm going through a lot right now.
Can you see me? Are you looking down?
I wish you could still wipe my tears & tell me it'll be okay.
Help me believe in myself just so I'll make it another day.

I remember when you would hold my face and kiss me on the forehead.
You told me in life I would always be ahead.
I feel like I've proven you wrong. I'm so far behind & I just want to give up,
But I can't. Every time I try to say goodbye...
I see another Dragonfly.
~ Renmar
I love his colors. Excellent shot.
posted November 23rd, 2014  
amazing!!! fav
posted November 23rd, 2014  
Amazing color!
posted November 23rd, 2014  
wow that is spectacular! He almost looks fake so pretty!
posted November 23rd, 2014  
Wow what a beautiful dragonfly!
posted November 23rd, 2014  
beautiful; nice capture!!
posted November 23rd, 2014  
Great capture!
posted November 23rd, 2014  
Wow... fav! I've never seen a red one! Super detailed shot.
posted November 24th, 2014  
a fantastic close-up! a really great job!
posted November 24th, 2014  
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