Happily Ever After

The Honey Bee, left on its own once more, curled right up and went on snacking and enjoying its lunch, giving no more thought to what had just happened. It forgot all about that big Bumble Bee that flew into its dining area. It didn't care if the Bumble Bee had even found another flower to dine on. The Honey Bee was happy as a Honey Bee could be in the pollen. It was enjoying the flower once again. The Honey Bee lived happily ever after, as did the Bumble Bee since the Honey Bee decided to just kick it out instead of doing something worse. The End. (To get back to the first photo, go to the primary Album 6: http://365project.org/prttblues/365-year-6/2015-06-30 )

Photographer's note: I truly am fatally allergic to these flying insects. If I continue to see bees and photograph them, I really have to get an Epi-pen from the doctor. I am still in awe that I captured such a scene on camera. I saw it taking place with my eye that was open and as I had the shutter button held down so it was taking continuous shots, I wasn't sure if I captured it or if I did that any of them would come out. I am quite surprised that I captured the entire ordeal! And I am so glad that neither bee saw me!!
Wonderful capture, Bev.
posted July 2nd, 2015  
great story with these photos! I really like this last one with the bee curled in taking in all it can! get the epi pen!
posted July 3rd, 2015  
I think this one is the best shot of all- love all the detail on the bee and the flower's stem. Great sequence Bev!
posted July 3rd, 2015  
@henrir Thanks, Henri :)

@jackies365 Thanks, Jackie :) I'll call the doc tomorrow.

@olivetreeann Thanks, Ann :) I like this one too because of your same reason - the detail of the stem and the bee. I couldn't just post one photo without posting the other 4. There was an entire story that unfolded before my very eye and my lens! I had to share it!
posted July 3rd, 2015  
Wow, your story and the pictures of the Honey Bee and the Bumble Bee would make a nice little children's book. awesome pictures, so nice and clear. this of is my fav.
posted July 3rd, 2015  
Fantastic focus on this pic - and a great sequence of shots too!
posted July 3rd, 2015  
@bruni Thanks, Bruni :) I was so tickled how I captured it!! Thank you SO much for faving this! It means so much to me! :)

@alia_801 Thanks, Alia :) It was interesting to watch. You'd think via the pictures that it was a drawn out encounter when it was only mere seconds!
posted July 22nd, 2015  
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