She's Taking Off

At Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, Gavin and I found our way to the top of the car park to take pictures of the planes coming in and taking off. My task for this spot was to capture motion with the subject (plane) clear and the background blurred. Needless to say, this shot is a failure because even though it's moving, it looks like it's sitting still. Panning is not an easy thing to do at all. I'm not quick as it is, so to capture a fast moving object while trying to blur the scenery behind it is going to be quite a challenge so I need to practice. I need to find a place around here where I can do that.

I am very grateful to have had a professional stay at my place and got personal tutoring in return. There's still a lot more he could probably teach me, but I bet I did his head in so he might think twice about coming back! We had such a fun week and did so much in such a short amount of time. So - when he comes back he will just have to teach me more! Or reteach me the things he taught me while he was here! Or perhaps he should write down what he taught me. That might be best. He was really really REALLY patient with me! And he put up with my Chatty Cathy talk.

Sorry for the mass upload. I have been behind on my photos as I have been playing catch up to my body and my heat and sleep since my whole schedule was thrown off for a week (but it was SOOOO fun!!!), so I have been taking photos and I have more to upload but I will give your feeds some cooling off time. I promise I will get to your projects. It was tough work sorting through all the photos I shot and choosing a favorite so some I posted more than one photo for the day. I will upload the rest tomorrow so I will be all caught up! Oh and Alia @alia_801 I have a HUGE surprise for you!!! :D
A lovely capture
posted August 18th, 2015  
You know practice makes perfect. you'll get there in time. I like this picture just the way it is.
posted August 18th, 2015  
@triciaodonnell Thanks, Tricia :)

@bruni Thanks, Bruni :)
posted August 22nd, 2015  
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