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Year 7 - I'm just a small town girl, living in a great big world . . . who likes taking pictures. It began as a part of a therapeutic regiment and I just kept on going. It's still a kind of therapy for me I suppose as it gets me out of my house instead of me turning into a recluse. Nobody on 365 knows that I am disabled (well, you/they do now!). I have chronic pain from nerve and muscle damage. Getting a picture is not an easy task for me. Sometimes, just getting one photo of a subject causes massive exacerbation to my already painful condition and it can last for days. There are days that I can't even go any farther than my own back yard. Being limited in my activity can be debilitating and frustrating. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes I can't help it. I get extremely down on those days that all I can do is step out my back door and shoot whatever there is to see. When I have to go to medical appointments, my camera comes with me because you never know what you will see. I'm moody sometimes (okay, maybe a lot) and I don't think my photos are any good. Who knows... you may think differently. I appreciate those who faithfully follow my project and for your the time you take out of your busy lives to comment on my pictures. It's you who help give me a boost each day when I see that you've commented on a photo, even if it's something you've seen before but in a different setting or angle, or even if it's the same subject but different species. For your kindness, I thank you.

If you comment on my photos, I will try take the time to personally reply. I don't put a general message in the description box thanking people for what may happen in the future. I figure that if you take the time to view my photograph and comment on it, then I can make the time for a proper reply. If you fav a photo, I will also personally thank you because you've taken the time to click the star. Even if it takes awhile to reply, I will get to it. With my health issues, sometimes it takes a couple of days so if I don't reply the day of or the following day, that only means my body has rebelled and needs a rest and I will reply as soon as I can. I never ignore anyone who comments. I guess I'm weird like that. But then . . . weird is okay, isn't it? I think anyone on 365 will admit that they have a small (or in my case LARGE) amount of weird in them because of some of the lengths we go through to get a photo.

As of June 1, 2016 (beginning of Year 7), it is harder for me to comment on photos and comments due to the worsening pain, but I promise to try better than I did in Year 6. Don't give up on me. I do the best I can.

The first 3 albums don't have many comments because I deleted my photos but added them back at a later date, so any comments and faves went with the deletion of the photos.