Soaring Through The Blue

Ta-da! I'm alive. I know I've been AWOL. I have really tried not to let my health and other things get in the way but sometimes it's not possible. The past couple weeks I have had some crazy head spins and emergency rooms. I finally felt well enough to venture out farther than the grocery store, so I went to 3 counties up north to get some more covered bridges. While in Orleans county, I was following my GPS (I had written directions as well because the area is so rural that signal is sparse), a voice came over the speakers of the car "GPS lost". Hmmmm. Okay. I came to a T in the road. My written directions told me which road to take, but thanks to it being back woods, there was no road sign and I had no clue whether to turn left or right. So I turned right. I had gone a short way and got frustrated so I pulled over. While on the side of the road, I saw movement in the sky. I looked out my car window and was like "OMG!". I hopped out and started snapping photos of a hawk circling a field. It was flying really low. Well, maybe not low since the northern part of the state is higher elevation, maybe I was up higher? Either way, it was closer than I'd ever gotten to one before. After the hawk decided there was no dinner in the field, it went off behind a tree line and disappeared. When I got home, I checked to find out what species of hawk it is. After over a half an hour of checking, and having my sweetheart over the pond check as well, I finally found it was an adult female Northern Harrier! I am so thrilled about being at the right place at the right time. I guess my GPS was supposed to go offline so I could get lost and come upon this beautiful bird! After I got back in my car, the GPS had come back online so I could find my way to where I wanted to go. .. And I was on the right road after all, just going the wrong way!
A bit frightening with no one else to help you at that time! So good you were not panicking and made the most of this beautiful bird!
posted August 23rd, 2017  
Oh my, what a gorgeous bird! I love the feathered wing tips! Fav!
posted August 23rd, 2017  
Awesome capture Bev!! How exciting- one of those unexpected "bucket list" type shots.
posted August 25th, 2017  
Fabulous shot! Hope all is well :)
posted January 20th, 2018  
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