365 Thank You!!

Two of my favourite subjects - barb wire and roses!
Well I made it - at times I didn't think I would. Thanks so much for getting me to the end - it was your encouragement and kind words that kept me coming back. I will definitely do this again in the future but not in 2013. This year I want to master Lightroom and learn Photoshop and hopefully improve my technique. I will still be taking photos and my plan is to upload a small album once a week to Facebook and Flickr. If you would like to stay in contact you can find me at




If you have your own flickr or facebook pages please let me know here so I can find them.
I will keep my account here open as I will be popping in to see what everyone is up to and I will certainly be here over the next couple of weeks to see those I started with reach their 365!

Congratulations, Sharon! I've enjoyed your project and seeing your little corner of the world and so I will definitely look for you on Facebook and Flickr:) I must thank you for your views and kind comments....it was always appreciated:)
posted January 11th, 2013  
Consider yourself "liked" on FB! I love your photos. It will be interesting to see how you make changes furthering your abilities in Lightroom and PS.

If you want to follow my book on FB, I have a page:

posted January 11th, 2013  
Congrats on your 365!
posted January 11th, 2013  
It was great having you on board with my project. Always love seeing your part of the world and have loved seeing the evolution of your photos. I will follow you on FB. I have a page there too if you are interested. ) https://www.facebook.com/StaceyStewartPhotography
posted January 11th, 2013  
Beautiful Finish Sharon!!
I will be checking your Flickr photos and here as well through 2013. Thank you for your views and supportive comments. You've done a great job this year. I'm a big Lightroom 4 Fan and the Nik Software Suite. On I invite you to view my "For Sale" work at: www.Ron-White.Artistwebsites.com. It is a Fine Art America account where they provide print-on-demand. Take Care and Be Well !
posted January 11th, 2013  
Congrats, all the best and good luck - I am following on fb and look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks for your support
posted January 11th, 2013  
Congratulations,Sharon Lightroom is a easy to work with and don't know what I would do without it. But photoshop is somthing I have had little to do with and it looks hard.Your photos always look great. I will follow you on facebook.Thank you for all comments over the last 8 mo,
posted January 11th, 2013  
Congratulation Sharon. What a nice photo to end your project with. Your iconic barb wire , weathered wood and rose. I'll look you up on flickr.
I have enjoyed immensely photos from your neck of the woods.
posted January 11th, 2013  
Sharon, what a wonderful way to end your project. Creative, as usual! I have so enjoyed getting to know you through your pictures and would love to follow you through the next year via Facebook. You've been my supporter since I first started and I will truly miss you, but I'm right behind you in finishing my project. I will probably create a Facebook page also so I hope we can keep in touch and offer each other the same support as we have on here. May God bless you! Oh, and this is a fav!!!!
posted January 11th, 2013  
Well done for hanging on in there and thank you for sharing some inspiring shots.
posted January 11th, 2013  
That's great! Congratulations on finishing - you took some lovely pics, I'll never forget the kangaroos in the snow! Thanks for all your comments, stay as chilled as you can for the rest of the summer, hope neither you nor any of your family/friends are affected by those terrible fires.
posted January 11th, 2013  
what a beautiful way to end your project! I liked your fb page and i only have a personal fb page which is https://www.facebook.com/nicoleterheide where i also post my 365 photos
posted January 11th, 2013  
Whooo hooo you did it! I was sure this photo would be in Sepia too...lol. Thankyou for introducing me to this wonderful supportive site and thankyou for being my first friend and follower on 365. xx
posted January 11th, 2013  
Thanks for following me. I know that your comments and encouragement has kept me coming back when I felt less than enthused about my shots. I've enjoyed seeing your side of Australia and will miss seeing your photos each day.
posted January 11th, 2013  
Congratulations on completing your project! It's been a pleasure following you.

I'll add you on Flickr - I'm bythbriny there. Haven't done a lot over there as of yet, but we'll see what happens in the coming year.
posted January 12th, 2013  
Congratulations Sharon! I have really enjoyed seeing your work.
posted January 12th, 2013  
Congrats on finishing your year my dear! :) It has been a blessing getting to know you and your life through your pictures :) I will miss seeing all of your pictures and do hope you make a second round someday :) I've appreciated all your wonderful comments on my shots as well! :) Hugs and have a super year! xoxo
posted January 12th, 2013  
Thank you Sharon for your lovely words. I hope you achieve what you set out to do and your talent is great. Congratulations and hope to see more of your work in the future. All the best xxx
posted January 13th, 2013  
Thats beautiful Sharon. Congratulations on finishing :) We all couldnt have done it without the support of each other.
Does that mean you wont be popping in at all? or just occasionally?
"liked" you on facebok XXX
posted January 13th, 2013  
beautiful shot Sharon........I will miss all your beautiful work & kind comments thank you for all your support it was greatly appreciated !!!
posted January 14th, 2013  
Congratulations Sharon, for sticking to the end and not quitting. It's time I exited too but the holes in my calendar are bothering me so once I plug those I'll be gone too and like you take photos now and then and post them on FB and 500px.com (which I have joined). Wishing you and all your dear and near ones a fabulous 2013.
posted January 18th, 2013  
Congratulations, Sharon, and thank you for all your support over the year. Look forward to seeing your facebook and flickr photos!
posted January 19th, 2013  
congrats...already have the Flickr, and now 'liked' your FB page....if you have not found me, I am Vicki Dixon (McCool)
posted January 19th, 2013  
Beautiful composition. Congratulations :)
posted January 19th, 2013  
Beautiful exit shot. Congrats on finishing! :-)
I understand your desire to focus your energy elsewhere for the near future, but I do hope you make a return trip through 365 when you're ready.

Is your last name really McCool?
Just a few weeks ago, I was approached by a man interested in buying my car. He gave me his card and asked me to call when/if I was ready to sell. His last name was McCool and I was sure it was a hoax. LOL
posted January 19th, 2013  
Awesome Shot Sharon!! Congratulations My Friend!! You made it to the End!! Doesnt it feel Great!?!!! What an Accomplishment!! I have enjoyed following you this year..sad to hear you are not continuing and as soon as i get my web site up and running ( almost there ) i will come back and let you know the url/link..I am so excited for you and Hey if you learn Lightroom be sure and let me know as that is one of my Goals this year also..i got it for christmas but have yet to upload it to my computer !!! i do have a facebook but everyone says they cannot ever find me so if you give me your full name i will friend you first! :) Thank you for all of the support you gave me throughout the year! God's Blessing's and Have Fun in whatever you do next! Love it! FAV!
posted January 21st, 2013  
Wow, Sharon, you finished! Congratulations! Big thanks to you too for inspiring me and for your comments! It's been great!
posted January 21st, 2013  
Congratulations Sharon on making the milestone 365. Looking forward to more of your work as you have time to post. Best of luck.
posted January 21st, 2013  
Love the set up
posted January 21st, 2013  
@ellimae Thanks Ellen - I have enjoyed following you, too, and hearing about your adventures! Lightroom is great - I found it very daunting until I purchased Laura Shoe's DVD - it cost me about US$50 but it has been awesome - 50 lessons between about 6 and 20 mins long that explain everything step by step! I will keep popping back to 365 to see what you are all up to and do please let me know when your website is up and running. You can find my photo FB site here https://www.facebook.com/SharonsPhotoMemories and my personal FB site here https://www.facebook.com/sharon.tofler. I look forward to keeping in touch.
posted January 22nd, 2013  
Hi Sharon, thanks for all the helpful comments over the year I will miss you. You have helped me get thru some of those tough periods of low "creativity". I will keep an eye on FB when I can sneak a few minutes out of my hectic week. I always looked forward to your daily shots and I hope you continue with your passion for photography.
Be well and keep the creativity flowing.
posted January 23rd, 2013  
Congratulations Sharon! It has been wonderful getting to know you through your pictures. I look forward to seeing more pictures on your Facebook site so I will look you up!!
posted January 24th, 2013  
yes...Cool McCool!
posted January 27th, 2013  
Was cleaning out people who have not posted anything. For you now it has been over a year. Always like your photos and your comments. But I don't have the hart to delete.
posted February 13th, 2014  
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