Haze's Strangers: No.140: Laurent

We met Laurent on our arrival at The Bakehouse for a stay of a few sunny days last week. He has 10 rooms and runs the B&B single-handed, not to mention offering a two-course evening meal with a glass of wine for those who would like to partake and who give him a little advance warning.

It was Ray who noticed the studio portrait hanging above he stairwell and we discovered the sitter to be Laurent's grandfather, Henri, and were interested to learn about his life. I have written about Henri elsewhere** but I would just add that his story seemed disproportionately sad when I wrote it down compared with listening to Laurent's account. I mentioned this to Laurent and he said that, despite his experiences, his grandfather was a happy and generous man.

Laurent was brought up near Boulogne and completed a degree in hotel management. He started his career in a hotel in Belgium after which he moved to England to work. He finally decided to open his own B&B, taking over The Bakehouse in Maidenhead twelve years ago.

In any free time he gets, Laurent likes walking and cycling and used to take part in cycle races, the longest distance he ever did being 600 miles. Now he says he could manage a cycle ride of 30 to 40 miles.

My photo shows Laurent in his kitchen, having cooked our full English breakfast. We left for home yesterday and a few hours later Laurent was going to catch a flight to Japan for a break of two weeks at the invitation of a regular visitor to his guesthouse.

We enjoyed his hospitality and hope he will have a relaxing time away.

Lovely portrait and a very busy man it seems. Laurent does well to run his B&B single handed and still have time to do what he enjoys
posted April 21st, 2018  
Good portrait. He's not a stranger any more!
posted April 21st, 2018  
Another great portrait and story.
posted April 21st, 2018  
Such interesting people you meet Hazel, great portrait of Laurent too
posted April 21st, 2018  
Great portrait and an interesting young man
posted April 21st, 2018  
Wonderful portrait.
posted April 21st, 2018  
Another lovely portrait.
posted April 21st, 2018  
Well I take my hat off to Laurent, he has amazing stamina! I know the work involved running a three room B&B never mind ten bedroom one plus evening meal. He must love doing it & meeting people, if I was younger I could do that too as we have such enthusiasm but the mind is willing but the body is weak these days!
posted April 21st, 2018  
Love this story and picture.
posted April 21st, 2018  
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