Haze's Strangers: No.139: Amy  by quietpurplehaze

Haze's Strangers: No.139: Amy

An item on the local TV news this week informed us about the opening of the exhibition 'Poppies Wave' at The Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson, its final location on the UK tour before it is gifted to the Imperial War Museum. So we decided to take a look.

The exhibition accompanying the poppies was much more detailed than I had imagined and naturally this (Friday 13th) being the first day, lots of other people had the same idea as us.

We parked the car and then stood in the queue for admission to Fort Nelson. A young lady behind a table on our side of the queue asked me about my camera bag and I explained that just my camera was inside, then opened the bag and showed her and then found myself saying, "Would you like your photo taken?" She did look a bit taken aback and demurred saying she was OK - or something similar. So I then explained my stranger's project and asked if she would part of it and she readily agreed, albeit saying that she was not very photogenic. I explained that mostly everybody says that.

I introduced myself and found out that the young lady was Amy.

It was impossible, given the size of the queue behind us, to spend too long on portraits, so I took 3 shots of Amy just where she was standing with a red brick wall as background.

Once again, I had to be considerate timewise in finding some information from Amy to accompany her portrait. She told me that she has been working in the field of security for 3 years and currently will be spending 10 weeks at Fort Nelson for the duration of the poppies exhibition. She loves wildlife and would really like to work in that area and to this end, is completing some university level study in zoology online.

Amy asked me about photography and I told her that I like the portraiture aspect, and also the opportunity to speak with different people and that I find everyone has an interesting story to tell. Amy agreed that meeting people was an aspect of her current work which she enjoys very much. In her free time, she likes scuba diving.

I gave Amy a card in case she would like to contact me to receive some photos by email. Ray got up from where he had gone to sit and wait and we went into the exhibition.

a few poppies here:
Lovely portrait of Amy she has a lovely smile for tne camera
April 14th, 2018  
Lovely smile
April 14th, 2018  
Lovely portrait.
April 14th, 2018  
Lovely story and lovely shot!
April 14th, 2018  
Wonderful portrait shot and story
April 14th, 2018  
She has a great smile!
April 14th, 2018  
And another lovely portrait
April 14th, 2018  
Another nice portrait and story.
April 14th, 2018  
Awesome picture.
April 14th, 2018  
Nice portrait and interesting young lady
April 15th, 2018  
A great one for your series.
April 15th, 2018  
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