Nameless Bird by rachdbo

Nameless Bird

I was inspired to take some bird pictures by SDP:

She gets some amazing shots! When I heard this little guy chirping I thought I'd try to find it and snap a few. Not bad...not great either. So I looked on all kinds of ornithological sites to try to identify this little bird. No luck. Anyone have any ideas?
MY GOODNESS! I am SO over the moon with your kind comments!!! Means sooo much when someone else enjoys my pictures, let alone get completely inspired! Thank you Rachel, so much!

AND, more importantly, AWESOME CAPTURE!! The detail, colour and dof is perfect! And this little beauty is a dark eyed junco! My boyfriend calls them "little sh&% heads" haha ;)

Thank you... And great job!!! :D
March 11th, 2011  
I KNEW it!! I saw them on one of the sites but because their color varies greatly between ranges (and only one looked vaguely like mine) I wasn't sure. Also because I had no idea what colors were on it's back. Thank you for putting me out of my misery :)
You are sweet for faving it and saying those nice things...thank you!
When someone is truly passionate about something (like you with your birds) it really comes across and people can't help but be taken up by it.
March 11th, 2011  
Wonderful pic!
March 11th, 2011  
We just call the ones we have, Juncos.
March 11th, 2011  
You are so kind, it warms my heart :) What's also funny is you may have inspired my daily photo! Stay tuned!
March 11th, 2011  
@bill_d @mamabec Glad you enjoy :)
March 12th, 2011  
Awe.....Springtime.....which precedes Summertime!! Beautiful picture!!!! Love it!!!
March 12th, 2011  
I love this one!!!
March 14th, 2011  
I'm so impressed! I tried to get some shots of some fantails on the weekend and I don't think a single one was in focus. Good job!
March 15th, 2011  
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