Ranger  by rainebeforedawn


Ranger,the dog in the photo, is a sweet loving dog. He loves to play ball and get pet. I remember the first time I met Ranger he was a small puppy and I was a small child. He jumped in my hair and instantly started to chew on it. -Raine
what a cutie
April 4th, 2018  
Ranger has a lovely handsome face. I hope he’s stopped chewing your hair!
April 4th, 2018  
I love his eyes!
April 4th, 2018  
@moviegal1 @ira Thank you! Raine was thrilled to see the comments. I wanted to add that she is learning how to shoot manually and edit, on this one she did her first cloning out of a stick that he'd been chewing on, and being mom, I'm excited about her interest in learning all the areas of photography at such a young age (11). Which is part of why we'd started this project.

@craigwantsnack He still chews her hair and licks her face constantly.
April 5th, 2018  
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