Winning Quilts by randystreat

Winning Quilts

Some of the winners at the 2019 Burke Quilters Guild Quilt Show.
Each one is simply gorgeous. I can't imagine the time invested that they represent.
September 14th, 2019  
Some beauties there.
September 14th, 2019  
That one in the centre is astonishing
September 14th, 2019  
Some beautiful work in this shot, the hours they must have taken!!
September 14th, 2019  
Great work.
September 14th, 2019  
Such a variety of quilts.
September 14th, 2019  
Great capture of those beautiful quilts.
When I surved an art gallery we had several exhibitions of them. It sure is an art form.
September 14th, 2019  
Thanks to all of you for your comments.
@chejja They were all unique even if they were entered into the same category. Some had so much hand work and all had a lot of handiwork.
@jamibann Yes there were Issi.
@lellie Don't you love the 3-D effect. I like another one that was a scene through the panes of a window. I didn't notice the window panes it when I first looked at it, but after awhile I realized what I what I was looking at.
@craftymeg Indeed! Some very talented people were represented here.
@haskar Yes it is.
@tunia Amazing the different patterns. New and old.
@pyrrhula Aren't they wonderful. I can't imagine doing all the work that goes into one. I want my projects finished more quickly I'm afraid.
September 14th, 2019  
@randystreat Yes. I do not. Than you give yourself an other problem: What nex?
September 14th, 2019  
Good grief, what talented sewers! ( sowers not the drains)
September 14th, 2019  
Which one is yours? (o; (wink) They're all beautiful.
September 15th, 2019  
@pyrrhula I'm still knitting. Guess I always will.
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Haha! I agree. They really are talented.
@olivetreeann I wish. They were lovely.
September 16th, 2019  
Amazing talent! My favorite is that one @lellie mentioned. Indeed, the 3D effect is wonderful.
September 17th, 2019  
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