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I tried another museum today in Leiden with the girls, but was a bit disappointed because nearly the entire National Museum of Ethnography was closed for renovations, including the children's section. The only exhibition available was the one about Maori's, which was very interesting, but a bit scary for the girls. Instead they played with some containers with paperclips ;-)

Outside a completely tattooed Maori called George was carving this statue called Pu Kaea, or 'man that blows a horn', a work in progress. You can see his red t-shirt behind the statue and his tools on the ladder. This picture was taken only meters from yesterday's picture.

The song is by Moloko
Ik kan me wel voorstellen dat de meisjes een beetje bang waren. Zulke grote mannen...
September 4th, 2011  
He leuk, zijn de Maori's nog steeds aan het houtsnijden?
September 4th, 2011  
@gijsje: I. was vooral een beetje bang voor alle foto's van mannen met getatoeƫerde gezichten, maar vond het wel weer grappig dat ze hun tong uitstaken op foto's (begroeting). @smallenburg: ze waren nu vooral bezig met speksteensnijden zoals dit beeld, en met 'ze' bedoel ik George, die de enige was. Gisteren had ik hem ook al bezig gezien vanaf het water..
September 4th, 2011  
Though the museum was closed, It would be very interesting to watch George working on this statue. Love the glimpse of the river too.
September 5th, 2011  
Wat is dat toch leuk om de reactie van de dames op dit soort dingen te horen:-)
September 6th, 2011  
@caatjeg: ik geniet ook nog elke dag van hun manier van kijken :) @pepitaliang: it was very interesting watching him work, I tried to shoot him in action, but had the idea he didn't like it, he tried tot hide behind the statue, so I respected his privacy
September 12th, 2011  
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