The Bird Watcher by redandwhite

The Bird Watcher

Chester is demonstrating at an early age his "birdyness". Being a setter, it is in his blood to seek out birds. Unfortunately, he found a baby bird on the patio and caught it. It might have survived if he had not then stepped on it. Upon closer examination, it seemed to have had an injury which was not freshly inflicted, so I guess it would not have reached adulthood anyway. Very sad and upsetting.
So looking forward to meeting him tomorrow! He's losing his puppy looks so quickly, he's turning into a youngster overnight ...
May 19th, 2020  
That is a shame - but maybe he just put the little one out of his misery so don't feel too bad. He looks like he is standing to attention here like a very well trained dog,.
May 19th, 2020  
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