Great processing. It looks like a flower mushroom.
posted February 13th, 2015  
Very imaginative.
posted February 13th, 2015  
Cool processing.
posted February 13th, 2015  
Very creative. Like this a lot.
posted February 14th, 2015  
Very cool
posted February 14th, 2015  
Mystic, what makes mushroom dancing in the dark - attitude!
posted February 15th, 2015  
Magical and mysterious
posted February 16th, 2015  
LOL love it.
posted February 23rd, 2015  
@leananiemand ~ it see you got it Leana :P
posted February 24th, 2015  
Magic indeed - have not been around much myself this month . Hope all is well with you
posted March 17th, 2015  
Did you smoke them? 😉
posted April 26th, 2015  
@leananiemand - I was too much a straight laced kid growing up, haha
posted April 29th, 2015  
Sue , you have not been here for a long time , miss your shots and the banter . Hope you are ok , phil
posted September 10th, 2015  
@phil_howcroft ~ Hi Phil, no I've not be around for a while, health issues as well as camera problems I need to find time to get back out and taking shots. Thanks for the enquiry, I hope you and your family are well :p
posted October 2nd, 2015  
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