Alter Ego by redy4et

Alter Ego

I’m posting late so the word of the day is now Vintage which sums up this latest image of the man in my life. Call it what you will -- midlife crisis number three or the bigger the boys the faster their toys. You’d never guess that the other side of this normally mild-mannered man of a certain age is a wild, bad boy in black leather and steel-toed boots, zooming down the highway with loud music blasting on the blue tooth inside his silver safety helmet. Sometimes I ride on the back but today he went solo while I drove in my minivan. Who do you think had more fun?
Sorry, probably wrong answer, but I have to go with his fun...
Really nice composition and vintage edit!
November 10th, 2013  
A fun shot -- guessing this bike has it all over a minivan.
November 11th, 2013  
You both guessed it--the bike wins every time!
November 11th, 2013  
Really great shot.
November 12th, 2013  
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