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Year 6
Looking forward to another great year of sharing and viewing photos.

Year 5
Last year was a whirlwind of travel to many amazing places. I’ve got hundreds of photos - most of which haven’t even been processed, let alone posted. My goal this year is to get more uploaded to the project.

Year 4
I'm back after taking a break from posting for a number of months. I realized I missed the interaction and seeing the creative work of all the talented photographers on this site. I travel frequently so I'm not posting every day but I'd like to share images from the places I visit as often as I can.

Year 3
Looking forward to a year of new discoveries! This year I've relaxed my demand on myself to shoot photos everyday. With a more flexible schedule, I plan to focus more on travel photos, improving my processing skills and keeping up with the 365 community.

Year 2
I'm thrilled to have completed my first year with a pictorial calendar that reflects the challenge of shooting and posting 365 photos. My goal was to improve as a photographer but also to have the daily photo reminder of what was significant in my life on that particular day.

Year 1
I'm a designer, living by the sea in Southern California. By participating in Project 365, I've found that my daily life is richer because I'm motivated to look for beauty, to see the light and to find interesting new photo opportunities. The connection I've experienced with like-minded members of this photo community has been such a joy! I marvel at the skill and creativity in everyone's posts, and am inspired by all of you to see the world in a more positive light.