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Hi! I'm a 41-y.o. introvert from beautiful North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

January 2013 marked the beginning of my second 365 project (still can't believe I managed to finish off the first one), but due to real-life demands and ebbing creative inclinations, I ended up getting so far behind there was no way I could realistically catch up. I decided to take an indefinite break from the project. The fall of 2013 finds me in a better way, so hopefully I'll be coming up with lots more photos to share with you. No way to know if I'm back for good, but let's just see what happens and leave it at that.

I may not comment on too many of your photos, or reply to every comment you make on mine, but please know that I look at as many of your pictures as I can every day, and read and appreciate every single word you write. Your creativity, skills, and kindness never fail to amaze me. I really look forward to seeing the images and thoughts you guys continue to put up. You are all an inspiration!

A big thank you to everyone who drops in to my project to look and/or say hi. :)

Feel free to email me any time, I'm at tiny_doggie@yahoo.ca.

Happy capturing!