Hitting the wall by rexcomu

Hitting the wall

Every day at 3pm this guy walks past the house on the way to Burntisland and once he gets there turns and heads back. He is always dressed as you see him here, hat and pony tail included, with his earphones in and staring straight ahead as he makes his way along the road. He even wears aftershave despite sporting a beard. He never acknowledges anyone passing in the opposite direction, not even a nod or a brief smile. Nothing. Even I'm not that antisocial.

In the meantime Boris's Brexit Bill seems to have hit a brick wall as Parliament told him to think again about his proposed timescale for debating it. It looks like do or die time is on the cards once again. It does raise the question of just how good this deal is for the country if the the likes of Ian Duncan-Smith, Mark Francois, Steve Baker and Leave.UK are backing it and the DUP aren't.

I'm definitely bricking it.
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