At a great-great-great grandmother’s grave by rhoing

At a great-great-great grandmother’s grave

Different cemetery from yesterday’s post. This is the grave of another of my 32 three-great (great-great-great) grandparents, Elizabeth Jane Howard:
» Born 01 August 1824;
» Married Henry Thompson Manion 01 October 1840;
» Died 28 April 1892.
Her husband's headstone almost 5 years hence,

The lineage leading to me:
1 Elizabeth Jane Howard Manion, 1824–1892
__2 Elizabeth Jane Manion, 1847–1916
____3 Alexander Harvey Mitchell, 1873–1926
______4 Henry T. Mitchell, 1907–1988
________5 Henry T. Mitchell, Jr., 1931–2012,
__________6 @rhoing, 1956–

Another not-so-great photo, but the lighting through the trees was challenging, to say the least. Any advice?

A year ago (“Reflections of greens and browns”):
Love this Thom, I have traced my family back to the 1700's so I know what a treasure this is :) fantastic!!
August 21st, 2012  
What a cool thing to be able to trace your history like this!
August 21st, 2012  
@michelleyoung @nadaa Thank you, both! My brother has done the heavy lifting on our genealogy and while this and yesterday's post are the earliest ancestral graves *I* have visited, my brother has been to the above great-3 grandmother's great-grandfather's grave (b. 1741, d. 1804)! That would be my great-6 grandfather! I wasn't far from that grave this weekend, but my brother had his 8- and 11-year old in tow and we didn't want to test their patience. I will get there though!
August 22nd, 2012  
Makes me want to go back on Ancestors .com.
August 22nd, 2012  
It 's a wonderful thing to be able to trace your heritage back so far!
August 22nd, 2012  
really a great photo to have!
September 3rd, 2012  
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