Eastern Tailed-Blue by rhoing

Eastern Tailed-Blue

On a dead-headed peony stem, with a torn hind-right wing thus missing one of its “tails.” Eastern Tailed-Blues (Cupido comyntas, family Lycaenidae and subfamily Polyommatinae) have been a common sight this spring. While they’re fun to watch, the opportunities to photograph them with their wings down have been very scarce. That made it easy to choose this image for posting. (Besides, I really liked the DOF effect in the image.)

As with many butterflies and moths, the upper and lower surfaces of their wings are colored and patterned very differently. To see the lower side of this one’s wings, see http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/sighting_details/907719

Confirmed at BAMONA as Cupido comyntas or “Eastern Tailed-Blue”; http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/sighting_details/907719

One year ago (“Harnessed moth”): http://365project.org/rhoing/365/2012-06-28
Two years ago (“Mineral, animal or vegetable?”): http://365project.org/rhoing/365/2011-06-28
Well done Thom! I haven't seen hardly any butterflies this summer. This one is one of my favorites - one, for the striped antenae and the 'tails' that move on the bottom of their wings. Nice shot.
July 1st, 2013  
@tara11 Thank you, Tara. MaryBeth has reported something similar about butterflies in her area. These little guys are definitely fun to watch. In this case, it was only "half-a-show" with one tail missing, but the contrast in the shades of blue in their upper and lower wing surfaces is fascinating!
July 1st, 2013  
@rhoing I agree - it's like 2 different butterflies!
July 1st, 2013  
@tara11 @espyetta Now that I know you two go way back, I feel a bit silly about my initial response…
July 1st, 2013  
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