Marking Epiphany… by rhoing

Marking Epiphany…

As noted yesterday, we are “putting Christmas away.” One photo before returning our crèche to its usual place for most-of-the-year.

The three wise men, or “magi,” prompt me to pull Halley’s Bible Handbook down from the shelf:

“They are commonly spoken of as the ‘Three Wise-Men.’ But the Scripture does not say how many. There were probably more, or at least they were with an entourage of scores or hundreds, for it would not be safe for a small group to travel a thousand miles over desert wastes that were infested with bandits. … Aside from symbolizing the homage of wisdom, and of distant lands, to the new-born KING, and of calling to the attention of Jerusalem that He had arrived, one of the objects of their visit, which they themselves knew not, was to supply money for the child’s flight to Egypt. The parents were poor, and, except for the gold brought by the Wise-Men, escape from Herod may not have been possible” (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House and Halley's Bible Handbook, Inc., 1965 (24/e), p. 419). See

Although our Fontanini figures are colorful, B&W seemed appropriate. Also, the focus was *not* made on any of the adult figures; that seemed only right…

1 year ago (“Moth Orchid: Come hither!”):
2 years ago (“Through the drinking glass”):
3 years ago (“Town Square Market Market”):

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A gorgeous shot, and we often miss the complexity of this special event
January 12th, 2014  
That's beautiful. The ice sculptures that we viewed including a larger than life nativity. I think the angel must have been 10' tall. When they destroy all the sculptures, they allow the Holy Family to melt. How honorable!
January 12th, 2014  
@danette One might even say "sublime" (to the melting)? :)
January 12th, 2014  
I think the focus and monochrome choice was right on, Thom! It is always a bit sad putting away the holiday decorations and move on...but it will be back once again in 2014. And hopefully, we will all be here talking about and enjoying it.
January 13th, 2014  
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